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Project Management Services

How do I go about setting it up?

The challenges you will face in this stage include securing sources of finance for your project, identifying and shortlisting the right vendor for machinery setup, obtaining registrations, procuring licenses, availing government subsidies etc.
To simplify this, we have divided the whole process into 14 stages as given below – each of which we can assist you through:

• Stage 1 - Choosing the form of organisation
• Stage 2 - Applying for provisional SSI registration
• Stage 3 - Applying for income tax PAN in the name of the proprietary concern/ firm/company
• Stage 4 - Applying for central excise registration
• Stage 5 - Sales tax registration
• Stage 6 - Applying for import /export code
• Stage 7 - Preparation of project report
• Stage 8 - Applying for term loan for financing fixed assets to bank / financial institutions
• Stage 9 - Following up with the bank / financial institutions and obtain the loan sanctioned
• Stage 10 - Applying to local bodies for plan approval and other local clearances to set up the factory
• Stage 11 - Applying to specific departments for obtaining licenses to start specified industries
• Stage 12 - Applying for working capital assistance from banks
• Stage 13 - Following up with the bank and obtaining the working capital facilities sanctioned
• Stage 14 - Implementation of the project availing term loan

Each stage in-turn involves a host of sub-activities, for example, stage 14 further comprises activities such as:

• Execution of loan documents after complying with the pre-documentation conditions which normally consists of obtaining local clearances on land and building plan approval, pollution control clearances, etc.
• Obtaining valuation and legal search on collateral documents and executing the documents
• Bringing in promoters contribution towards capital expenditure of the project/bringing margin money by way of cost of land building work in progress, machinery advance etc. and showingproof by way of chartered accountants certificate, civil engineers’ valuation etc. to the satisfaction of the bank / financial institution
• Withdrawing the loan sanctioned in  three/four  stages complying with formalities
• Monitoring the project implementation in all its minute details to ensure that there are no cost or time overruns
• Ensuring that the machinery supplier delivers machinery as per contract and takes out production as per quality and rated production output.
• Supervising erection and commissioning of the plant and machinery
• Obtaining the power sanction before starting the trial runs after erection of machinery.
• Production trial runs after arranging for raw  material,  power , labor
• Obtaining the working capital sanction before commencing production.
• Obtaining pollution control clearance before starting production
• Obtaining specific licenses before  starting the production

Our detailed project implementation plans contain step by step instructions which will guide through each of the above. It also includes parameters to assess the achievement of these activities, where relevant.  If required, we can also spear head execution of these activities or project manage or co-ordinate the same for you.

From project plan to profits

Project reports starting at INR 5,000 only 

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