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"Should I be an entrepreneur ?" Quiz

The following questions will give you something to think about

Rate yourself honestly on each of the following questions using the following criteria:

If this is something you are missing or not good at, give yourself a -1
If you are okay in this area, give yourself a 0
If this is one of your strengths, give yourself a +1

  1. Are you a self-starter?
  2. How well do you get along with different people?
  3. How well do you make decisions?
  4. Do you have the physical and emotional stamina to run a business?
  5. How well do you plan and organize?
  6. Is your drive strong enough to keep you motivated when the going gets rough?
  7. Is your family supportive of you doing this?
  8. Do you have the financial resources to keep you going for at least a year if you don't have income from the business right away?


Add up your scores.
A score above 0 means you have the potential to be an entrepreneur.
A negative score means that entrepreneurship might not be the right career for you.
A score of 8 is the highest score. You have a strong potential to succeed as an entrepreneur.

From project plan to profits

Project reports starting at INR 5,000 only 

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